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There’s a distinct joy in savoring a traditional meze in a Cypriot yard, reminiscent of an open-air ceremony deeply rooted in tradition. The fusion of vibrant colors and tantalizing aromas transforms dining into a unique experience. It’s a chance to escape, rejuvenate, and reminisce about the bygone days when yards and gardens were the epicenters of friend gatherings and lively celebrations.

In this guide, we explore 9 distinct dining al fresco options in Traditional Taverns across Famagusta.

Ropas Tavern, Paralimni

Discover a culinary gem where expansive spaces meet traditional tastes, welcoming up to 250 guests, with the charm of an al fresco dining experience for approximately 100 guests in its idyllic garden setting. Adorned with classic green and white gingham tablecloths, casual cafe-style seating, and an ambiance enriched with vintage photographs, eclectic artefacts, and rustic whiskey barrels, this venue exudes a nostalgic allure.

The establishment prides itself on the personal touch of Costas, a culinary maestro with roots in the renowned Nissi Beach Hotel, who insists on hand-selecting the finest and freshest ingredients for his kitchen, eschewing the impersonal nature of delivered goods.

Embark on a gastronomic journey with their signature Meat Meze, a feast that varies with the seasons, offering about 23 to 25 dishes. Begin with a duo of salads – the traditional Village and the zesty Roccella – followed by an array of homemade dips including Tarama, Tzatziki, Olives, Pickles, and the standout Tahini. Each dish is accompanied by warm, freshly baked bread straight from the oven – a truly delectable touch.

Contact: (23 820025), 2XJJ+RX3, Stadiou, Paralimni 5292

Open All Year: From 18:00 to 23:00

Cyprus' Countryside Charm: 8 Traditional Taverns with a YardMousikos, Sotira

Nestled in Sotira, Μουσικός taverna welcomes you to its large, well-tended yard, reminiscent of the courtyards of old traditional houses, complete with arches under grapevines. Here, you’ll enjoy a passionate array of meat meze and a mix of familiar and lesser-known dishes of the Cypriot cuisine. The menu features delicious local recipes like kolokasi yahni, poules, and favorites such as chicken souvla and grilled dishes, stewed beef stifado, meatballs, kolokasi, seafood with a focus on fresh octopus, and tasty mezedes.

Contact: (23828833), Kyriakou Matsi 6, Sotira, Famagusta District.

Open Mon-Sun 18:30-22:30.

Taverna KamasiasTaverna Kamasias, Paralimni

For over 50 years, Kamasias in Paralimni has been renowned for its delicious fare. This taverna has recently renovated its yard, creating a beautiful setting with modern elements, perfect for warm summer evenings. Their menu stars meat mezedes, with dishes like souvlakia, sheftalia, ribs, pancetta, lamb chops, and freshly prepared appetizers. Their seasonal focus on fresh ingredients is sure to delight, especially their signature dish, the delectable kleftiko, available mainly on weekends.

Contact: (23825144), Daidalou 23, Paralimni, Famagusta District.

Open daily from 18:00 & Sunday noon – night.

Feggarognema TavernFeggarognema Tavern, Liopetri

In the charming village of Liopetri, the Feggarognema Tavern exemplifies Cypriot hospitality and authentic traditional cuisine. Each summer, the taverna opens its picturesque yard, inviting you to enjoy their selection of fine Cypriot mezedes and fresh fish. The quality of their food and impeccable service make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Contact: (23943434, 99491815), Michali Karaoli.

Cyprus' Countryside Charm: 8 Traditional Taverns with a YardTtappis Tavern, Paralimni

Ttappis in Paralimni offers a menu with meat, fish, and vegetarian meze, changing regularly to incorporate seasonal products. On your first visit, try their large meat meze, which includes halloumi, mushrooms, vegetables, souvlaki, sheftalia, and more, served in a unique clay basket. Be sure to save room for their exceptional boureki filled with fresh anari cheese. Ttappis was honored as the best taverna in Cyprus at the Cyprus Eating Awards 2018.

Contact: (23821959), Stadiou 92, Paralimni.

Open Mon-Sun 17:30-23:00.

O Dikos Mas MezesO Dikos Mas Mezes, Deryneia

In one of the oldest houses in historic Deryneia, O Dikos Mas Mezes blends tradition with Mediterranean ingredients. Their imaginative Cypriot cuisine is based on three elements: high-quality ingredients, expert preparation, and creativity. This atmospheric and warm space offers a culinary adventure where tradition meets imagination.

Contact: (23827700), Athinon 2, Deryneia.

To PlouminPloumin Tavern, Sotira

Located in a traditional Cypriot house with an internal yard in Sotira Municipality, To Ploumin has been serving rich Cypriot meze and delicious ofto kleftiko during the summer months for over two decades. The combination of tasty dishes, mezedakia (small meze), and occasionally live music creates the perfect atmosphere for a great evening.

Contact: (99658333), 28th October, Sotira.

Open Mon-Sun 18:00-23:00.

Old Simos TavernOld Simos Tavern, Sotira

Old Simos in Sotira has become a destination for quality Cypriot cuisine with a twist. Owned by Simos Simou and his wife Andri, this taverna in an old house with arches offers fresh village bread, tasty mezedes, well-cooked meats, vegetarian dishes, and more, all made with passion and love using fresh ingredients, some from local producers.

Contact: (23730189), Grigori Afxentiou 44, Sotira.

Open: Mon-Sun 18:00-22:45 (kitchen).

Pinia RestaurantPinia Restaurant, Pernera

Since 1976, Pinia in Paralimni has been known for its delicious offerings. With over 45 years of experience, it remains faithful to the taste of Cypriot cuisine and hospitality. The new generation continues to surprise diners with grandmother’s secret recipes, good wine, and excellent quality ingredients. The interior is comfortable and relaxed, and the yard is simply beautiful, offering a genuine Cypriot hospitality experience. The extensive menu features rich meat and fish mezedes and other traditional Cypriot home-cooked dishes.

Contact: (23831004), Pinias 32, Pernera, Paralimni, Famagusta District.

In closing, these eight Traditional Taverns in the Famagusta region offer more than just a meal; they provide a gateway to the heart of Cypriot culture and tradition. Each with its unique charm, they are destinations where the joy of eating is combined with the beauty of Cyprus’ countryside and the warmth of its people. Whether you’re seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane or simply a delightful dining experience under the stars, these tavernas promise to leave you with lasting memories and a desire to return. So, next time you find yourself yearning for a taste of Cyprus in its most authentic form, remember these hidden gems waiting to welcome you with open arms and full plates.

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