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Ropas Tavern, a cornerstone of genuine Cypriot cuisine and hospitality, has been a favorite dining destination since its inception in 1991. This family-run gem, nestled in Paralimni, has won the hearts of many, including mine, with its authentic Cypriot Meze and the warm welcome from Costas, Nikki, Stelios, and Flora—the family behind the magic.

Boasting a spacious interior and a charming garden that together can host up to 250 guests, Ropas Tavern offers a traditional ambiance that immediately transports you to the heart of Cyprus. The green and white gingham tablecloths, café-style chairs, and an array of Cypriot artifacts create a setting that’s both nostalgic and inviting.

The tavern’s Meat Meze is an epicurean delight, reflecting the seasonal bounty of Cyprus. With around 23 to 25 dishes, it’s a culinary journey that starts with fresh salads, homemade dips like Tarama and Tzatziki, and moves on to specialties like the ‘Boullez’ (baby kolokassi or sweet potato) and an array of grilled meats and vegetables. Each dish is a nod to traditional Cypriot recipes passed down through generations.

Seafood enthusiasts will revel in the Fish Meze, a sumptuous array of seafood dishes starting with salads and dips, and progressing through various preparations of calamari, octopus, and fresh local fish, all complemented by the tavern’s signature dips and sides.

For those who prefer to tailor their dining experience, Ropas Tavern offers the flexibility to create your own meze from their extensive menu, perfect for lighter appetites or those craving a blend of land and sea.

Nikki’s prowess in the kitchen extends to traditional Cypriot dishes like Makaronia tou Fourno and the must-try Beef Stifado, as well as expertly grilled steaks and pork fillets over real charcoal, accompanied by the finest locally sourced vegetables and Cyprus’s renowned potatoes.

No meal at Ropas Tavern is complete without sampling their desserts, especially the Galaktoboureko and Loukoumades, both of which are crowd favorites for a sweet end to a sumptuous meal.

The tavern also boasts an extensive bar, catering to all preferences, from local and imported beers to the finest scotch, enjoyed by the locals by the bottle or glass.

Ropas Tavern is not just a restaurant; it’s a venue for celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or any special occasion, the team ensures a memorable event with customized buffet-style or menu-based dining options, and even arranges transport for larger groups.

Adding to the ambiance, live music nights every Friday feature Greek classics, providing the perfect backdrop for an evening of delicious food, dance, and celebration.

  • A Family Affair: Experience unmatched Cypriot hospitality from the heart.
  • Seasonal Meze: Indulge in a diverse range of traditional dishes.
  • Create Your Own Experience: Mix and match dishes for a personalized meze.
  • Traditional Cypriot Dishes: Savor authentic recipes handed down through generations.
  • Celebrations and Live Music: The perfect choice for special events and lively Friday nights.

Ropas Tavern invites you to a feast of Cypriot traditions, flavors, and warmth, making every visit a memorable experience. For an authentic taste of Cyprus in a setting that feels like home, Ropas Tavern is unrivaled. Discover more hidden gems and culinary delights at, and find the perfect private villa to complement your Cypriot adventure.

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