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Recently opened in Kapparis, Cyprus, Zeyn Restaurant is a fresh and exciting addition to the local dining scene, offering an authentic Lebanese culinary experience. This new Lebanese eatery radiates with an inviting atmosphere, perfectly capturing the essence of Lebanese culture’s warmth and hospitality.

As a recent enthusiast of Cyprus’s diverse gastronomic landscape, I am thoroughly captivated by Zeyn’s genuine Lebanese dishes. Each meal here is a revelation of flavors, showcasing culinary craftsmanship that satisfies the soul. Dining at Zeyn is more than just savoring great food; it’s an immersive journey that reflects the rich cultural mosaic that Cyprus is celebrated for.

Zeyn Restaurant’s menu

Zeyn Restaurant’s menu offers a delightful array of Lebanese culinary specialties, characterized by vibrant flavors and traditional recipes. The selection is diverse, catering to a range of tastes:

Salads: Fresh and flavorful, with options like Tabbouleh, Fattoush, and Raheb Salad, each bringing a unique combination of ingredients like parsley, tomato, and grilled eggplant, dressed with lemon olive oil or pomegranate molasses.

Cold Mezze: Classic choices such as Hummus, Spicy Hummus, and Moutabbal, alongside Warak Enab and Tajen, feature ingredients like chickpeas, eggplant, and fish, providing a perfect start to the meal.

Hot Mezze: This section includes Spicy Potato, Lebanese Wings, and Fried Kebbeh, offering a mix of crispy, savory, and rich flavors, along with Mixed Pastries and Chicken Liver, each dish a testament to Lebanese culinary art.

Barbecue: Highlighting chargrilled delights such as Beef, Tawook, Kafta, and Tripolitan Fish, these dishes are marinated and grilled to perfection, accompanied by sides that enhance their flavors.

Dessert: A sweet finish with options like Muhalabiya, Kellej, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Lemon Sorbet, each offering a unique taste, from creamy to refreshing.

The menu is a celebration of Lebanese cuisine, balancing traditional flavors with a modern dining experience. It’s important to note that the restaurant is mindful of allergies and dietary concerns, ensuring a welcoming experience for all guests.

Zeyn Restaurant Directions

Zeyn Restaurant Reviews

Had the most amazing meal here yesterday!! We had our team Christmas party. Everyone loved it!!The flavours were just outstanding!! Bravo guys!!! 👏
Very nice place. Waiters were very kind. Food was delicious.
Very nice service and quality food, I highly recommend
Excellent service, excellent advice on ordering. Food very good. Hope the restaurant gets the clients they deserve.
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