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The Liberty shipwreck, nestled in the waters of Paralimni in the Famagusta province, is a renowned diving destination, lying in close proximity to another wreck, the Nemesis III. This ship, intentionally sunk by the municipality to create an artificial reef, now lies 650 meters offshore, 28 meters beneath the sea. With visibility reaching up to 35 meters, it provides an exceptional diving experience.

Originally named Skopelitis, Liberty was a 37-meter long and 7-meter wide cargo ship, constructed in Greece in 1965. After being impounded in the 2000s, it was acquired by the municipality of Paralimni for the purpose of enriching Cypriot seas and boosting diving tourism. Despite being sunk in the port of Limassol in 2009 due to a storm, it was later relocated and intentionally submerged in the Famagusta seabed on May 22, 2009.

Access to the Liberty wreck is a swift 10-minute boat ride from the port of Agios Nicholaos or the port of Agia Triada. The site is not only a haven for diverse marine life but also frequented by dolphins, adding to its charm.

The Liberty wreck, part of the Protaras Marine Protected Area, sits alongside the Nemesis III wreck, creating an intriguing dive site. This former Russian cargo ship lies upright, just 90 meters from Nemesis III, presenting an excellent opportunity for scooter diving. The site features a two-meter cross submerged by Russian explorer Feodor Konyukhov, and a statue of the Mother of God added by a Russian dive school, enhancing its appeal.

This dive site is safe and perfect for basic wreck diving. Divers can explore the abundant marine life, including bream, groupers, lionfish, moray eels, sea slugs, squid, and tube worms. The deck is adorned with bright anemone, best appreciated with a torch to reveal the dazzling colors.

Key Points:

  • Near Protaras, in the Famagusta province.
  • 650 meters offshore, 28 meters deep.
  • Clear visibility up to 35 meters.
  • Abundant marine life and suitable for scooter diving.
  • Requires Advanced Open Water / Boat Diver qualification.

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