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A beautiful beach, adorned with breathtaking sea caves, is situated just 2 km east of the bustling resort of Agia Napa. Known as Ammos tou Kampouri beach, this stunning stretch of coastline extends for 100 meters, sandwiched between the equally captivating Agia Napa Sea Caves and Limnara beach. While the majority of the beach is rocky, a sandy center emerges, inviting visitors to sink their toes into the soft, golden sands. It is within this tranquil oasis that the true essence of relaxation can be discovered.

As one steps into the crystal-clear seawaters, a sense of calmness washes over them. The gentle waves, lapping against the shore, create a soothing symphony, providing the ideal soundtrack for a day of unwinding. For those seeking more than just tranquility, Ammos tou Kampouri beach offers a plethora of facilities to enhance the beachgoing experience. Visitors can make use of convenient amenities such as toilets, changing rooms, sun beds, umbrellas, and even water sports facilities. Whether one desires to ride the waves on a jet ski or simply bask under the warm rays of the sun, this beach caters to all preferences.

Moreover, for any last-minute necessities or cravings, a convenient store lies within close proximity to the beach. No need to worry about forgetting sunscreen or running out of snacks; everything is readily available. Safety is also prioritized at Ammos tou Kampouri beach, particularly from April to October. Lifeguards diligently monitor the area, armed with lifesaving equipment and first aid services, ensuring that visitors can relax and revel in their beachside adventures without a worry in the world.

Accessing this picturesque beach is incredibly convenient, regardless of one’s preferred mode of transportation. Whether arriving on foot, by bike, or by car, reaching Ammos tou Kampouri beach is a breeze. Ample car parking facilities are provided, making it easy for visitors to embark on their seaside escapade without any concerns about finding a parking spot. Thus, with its captivating beauty, tranquil atmosphere, and an array of amenities at hand, Ammos tou Kampouri beach beckons travelers to come and experience its sheer splendor.

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