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Nestled in the bustling heart of Ayia Napa, a town famous for its lively nightlife and pristine beaches, stands The Napa Tavern, a true pillar of Cypriot tradition and hospitality. Founded in 1976 by the visionary Chris Assiotis, this establishment wasn’t merely the first tavern in Ayia Napa; it was the realization of a dream, creating a welcoming space for both locals and visitors. The Napa Tavern is dedicated to enriching Ayia Napa’s tourism by offering an authentic and traditional atmosphere, unparalleled hospitality, and the finest of Cypriot cuisine.

Stepping into The Napa Tavern, guests are greeted by a cozy, traditional ambiance that sets the perfect backdrop for a gastronomic adventure through Cyprus. The menu is a celebration of the island’s culinary diversity, showcasing a range of dishes that embody the essence of Cypriot culture and heritage. From heartwarming homemade soups to a selection of cold and hot appetizers including Tzatziki or Tahini, and the delectable Shrimp Cocktail, there’s something to satisfy every taste and preference.

The heart of The Napa Tavern’s menu lies in its signature offerings, where the true spirit of Cypriot cuisine comes to life. The Meze, a lavish assortment of local dishes, offers diners a comprehensive taste of Cyprus, ideal for those keen to sample a broad array of flavors. For those with a heartier appetite, the Kleftiko is a standout choice, featuring succulent lamb paired with traditional accompaniments, capturing the soulful essence of the island’s cooking traditions.

The culinary journey doesn’t end with the main courses. The tavern also presents an impressive selection of fresh fish dishes and an array of delightful desserts, including the classic Baklava, ensuring a sweet finale to the meal.

As Ayia Napa continues to grow as a tourist hotspot, The Napa Tavern stands as a testament to the island’s enduring traditions and the Assiotis family’s commitment to genuine hospitality. Whether you’re an avid traveler or a culinary enthusiast, a visit to The Napa Tavern offers a genuine glimpse into Cypriot life, one exquisite dish at a time.

  • A Legacy Since 1976: Leading the way in Ayia Napa’s dining scene.
  • Authentic Cypriot Flavors: From starters to sweets, savor the traditional tastes.
  • Must-Try Dishes: The Meze and Kleftiko are essential for a true Cypriot experience.
  • Heartfelt Hospitality: Experience the warmth and welcoming spirit of Cyprus.

Dive into the rich flavors and warm traditions of Cypriot cuisine at The Napa Tavern, where each dish is a celebration of heritage, family, and the vibrant spirit of Cyprus. For an authentic local experience and a hearty welcome, it’s unmatched. Discover more insider tips and find your ideal private villa at, your gateway to the wonders of this enchanting island.

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