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Tsokkos Paradise Village is a name that resonates with delight and relaxation amidst the travelers who seek a captivating escape. The resort’s friendly and inviting atmosphere makes it an impeccable choice for families looking to immerse themselves in both comfort and pleasure. Known for its lively vibe, Tsokkos Paradise Village stands as a testament to fun-filled holidays.

A Myriad of Facilities

Guests at Tsokkos Paradise Village are treated to an extensive array of facilities designed to ensure their comfort and entertainment. The highlight of these facilities is undoubtedly the large, lagoon-style outdoor pool, which beckons young and old alike for a refreshing dip under the sun. The resort buzzes with an energetic entertainment programme, assuring endless amusement for all members of the family.

Free Wi-Fi available throughout the hotel ensures that guests remain connected during their stay, while Resort Flight Check-in® offers a smoother transition back home by allowing travelers to check in their bags at the hotel itself.

Comfortable Living Quarters

The accommodations at Tsokkos Paradise Village range from well-appointed studios to spacious one-bedroom apartments. They cater to varying group sizes, ensuring plenty of room whether traveling as a couple or with family. With options available to accommodate up to four individuals per apartment, rest assured there will be ample space for everyone.

Prime Location Proximity

Strategically situated just 120m from Lanta beach and approximately 1km from Nissi beach, guests can easily indulge in sunbathing or water activities within minutes from leaving their doors. In addition, being 500m away from vibrant bars and restaurants allows visitors convenient access to local cuisine and nightlife without straying too far from their serene haven.

With Ayia Napa resort centre only 4.5km away and an approximate transfer time of 1 hour 20 minutes from the airport, Tsokkos Paradise village boasts perfect placement for exploration as well as ease of travel.

What People Are Saying

Satisfied visitors often speak volumes about resorts — especially when they are considered hidden gems like Tsokkos Paradise Village. Guests rave about the idyllic setting favorable for families, commending both the warm-hearted staff and daily entertainment that keeps spirits high throughout their stay. Comments frequently underline how well-maintained facilities contributed significantly to enjoyable holidays.

Hotel’s Contact Details

For those yearning to experience this Cypriot allure first-hand or seeking further information:

  • Phone: +357 23 833636
  • Website:
  • Address: Athinas 20 Pernera, Paralimni 5296

In summing up this gem located on a serene island enclave — Tsokkos Paradise Village epitomizes what vacation dreams are made of; irreplaceable memories awaiting creation within its vibrant walls.

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